An amazing item that compels strangers to start talking to
you about your mind reading abilities . . . and all without
you needing to say a single word!

Contains two bonus routines to use when strangers ask you
about your abilities!

Very cryptic, eh?  It's accurate, though.  The item is a
yellow button, 2.75" diamater, with six words in bold black
and a pin backing.  Those six words will capture anyone's
interest, pique their curiousity, and make them ask you
about mind-reading abilities.  So what does it say?  "READ
MY MIND Ask Me How"  Devilishly simple, eh?  These words
were chosen because I realized that it's better to invite
people to ask you about mind-reading abilities, than to
simply state that you're a mentalist and can do amazing

Though this is not a mentalism effect, getting people to
talk about mind-reading abilities without saying a word is a
mental effect unto itself. And, boy, does this thing work!
I've been using this button for about six months now and it
never fails to generate discussions wherever I go.  I have
to remember to remove it when I go to certain places or when
I'm in a hurry.  Otherwise, I'll get sidetracked for quite

Obviously, when someone asks, you must be ready with a
simple and quick demonstration to show the questioner how
he/she can read minds.  For your money, I provide you with
the button (all hand-made by me) and a one page instruction
sheet that contains two effects that I use.  The first
effect is the one that I prefer.  It leaves the participant
with my business card.  The second is an effect using three
different coins and requires a gimmicked coin that most of
us probably have already.

For those who perform for non-English speakers, I'll be more
that happy to work with you and make a custom button for
your language.

Suggested Retail Price $12.95

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