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Mentalism, Incorporated differs from most books on mentalism
and magic in several important ways. Rather than being
simply another book of effects, it presents a detailed
description of a complete mentalism act... one that has
proved successful before corporate audiences of all sizes.

Mentalism, Incorporated not only contains detailed
instructions for performing nine audience-tested mentalism
routines, but also reveals the secrets that make each
routine powerful and entertaining.

The chapters on entertainment and presentation contain many
invaluable suggestions for the performance of mentalism for
corporate audiences... the kind of information that is
rarely found in books on mentalism.

While Mentalism, Incorporated is perfect for a person new to
the art of mentalism, it also offers a wealth of practical
ideas and sugges- tions to the experienced performer.

"Chuck Hickok has written a wonderful book for anyone who is
looking to put together a mentalism act for the corporate
marketplace. Chuck has put all of his experience and
knowledge into this book to give you the means to present a
thrilling, entertaining act. I highly recommended this
book!" -- Banachek

"Chuck Hickok has achieved outstanding prominence in the
field of corporate entertainment. Chuck's book reveals the
intimate details of his process for structuring a strong
corporate act. Chuck shares the 'real work' about mentalism
that is missing from other books." -- Larry Becker

"Mentalism, Incorporated is a great book of routines and
presentations for the corporate mentalist. This book
contains terrifically thought out ideas, insights and advice
from a performer who specializes in this popular and
profitable area of psychic entertainment." -- Ted
Karmilovich Jr.

"This is a book for anyone who wants to learn how to present
a corporate mentalism act that will inspire, entertain and
generate happy customers. Chuck's early chapters on
presentation and showmanship could stand alone as relevant
and extremely helpful advice for anyone who wants to present
mentalism before today's corporate audiences." -- Barry

"Mentalism, Incorporated is an excellent book. Chuck's
incredible attention to detail assures a total understanding
of this lucrative field, and the discussions about what
corporate audiences expect from their entertainers is
invaluable to anyone thinking about seriously penetrating
the market. There's more to corporate shows than just having
a slick act, and Chuck tells you everything you need to know
to get started. My only complaint is that Chuck waited until
now to release Mentalism, Inc. as this book would have saved
me about two years of trial and error!" -- John Riggs

If you do corporate mentalism, this is a must-have. If
you're thinking of doing corporate mentalism, this is a
must-have. If you do mentalism, then this is an important
book on constructing routines and recommended very highly.
And with praise by Banachek, Becker, Karmilovich, Richardson
and Riggs, what more do you need to convince you to add to
this library (assuming you already haven't)?

But, okay, let's dissect the book. First off, it's a 184
page, big print, hardcover book with a handsomely produced
jacket. There are twelve chapters and an appendix with
eight items. In brief, Chuck describes his philosophy for
corporate performing in the first fifty pages and then
dissects his current act (at least current as of the writing
of the book) and thoroughly details his thinking on the
structure of not only the act, but each individual effect.
He opens with a solid "magic square" presentation, but
wisely never uses that term. He follows that with a strong
triple prediction effect that precedes a strong drawing
pseudo-psychometry routine.

The next demonstration is Chuck's book test. It's three
different marketed book tests in one and the only
demonstration that requires marketed effects. (If you need
any marketed book tests, I have several good ones on the
site.) Following this is a demonstration where a spectator
learns how to read minds and does so on three different
people. The final demonstration involves a sealed envelope
which contains predictions for several things that were
chosen during the show. For a bonus, Chuck provides his
demonstration for teaching people how to say the alphabet
backwards and it seems to be very popular. I know that will
propably be the first thing I'll be trying.

If you're looking for the next Stunners, or a compendium of
mental effects, you'll be disappointed. That's not with
this is about. Every level of mentalist, from the beginner
to the professional, can find something of great value here.
This is definitely one of those books that demands to be
read, re-read, and re-read again. It is without question
one of those instant classics and a worthy addition to your