Curt Frye's
(post-paid in the U.S. and Canada)

Make an audience member the star of your show!!!

Nothing ingratiates you to an audience more effectively than
letting one of their own share your spotlight.

Here's what happens. You invite an audience member on stage
and show her a large, colorful jigsaw puzzle with one piece
missing. Your participant reaches into a box or bag and,
through her powers of intuition, finds the missing piece!

The Mentalist's Puzzle Set is an easy-to-perform miracle
with an impact limited only by your presentational skills.

Here's what you get:

    * A fully-assembled 32" x 23" puzzle.
    * A set of special pieces.
    * A licensed copy of Lee Earle's Puzzling Perception
    * All for only $79.95, post-paid in the U.S. and Canada.
That's 67% off the retail price of competing puzzle effects!

I make The Mentalist's Puzzle Set from a now-discontinued
line of Milton Bradley EasyGrasp Puzzles. Long in demand
because of their beauty and size, the EasyGrasp puzzles are
perfect for magicians who want to perform a puzzle effect on
stage but don’t want to spend the time piecing together
twenty-one puzzles from dollar store stock that is either
too small or inconsistently printed.

I have [three different] sets available ...

For the low price of $79.95 (post-paid in the U.S. and
Canada), you can add this classic of mentalism to your show
with one of the most beautiful puzzles available.

Be sure to mention your first and second design choices...I
was able to make less than 20 sets from each design and when
they're gone, they're gone. Really. These puzzles are out of

Lee Earle's Puzzling Perception is the cleanest, most
direct, jigsaw puzzle demonstration for mentalists I've run
across.  It doesn't require any other gimmicks or props
other than just the puzzle box, a completed puzzle, and
pieces from a second puzzle.  The effect is that a puzzle is
shown.  One piece is removed. Then a second matching puzzle
is shown but the pieces are in the box.  It's explained that
only two pieces, the one missing from the complete puzzle
and the one from the incomplete puzzle, can fit into the
empty space in the completed puzzle.  One participant is
asked to reach in and remove one piece.  That piece is shown
to fit into the empty space on the completed puzzle. There
is no equivoque.  There are no other "moves" or "sleights".
There are no magnets, strings, optical illusions, or
gimmicked boxes and bags.

The big problem with this routine was trying to find the
right puzzle in the right quantities for a reasonable price
so that it doesn't cost a small fortune to make.  I know I
tried many years ago, but the puzzle I wound up making is
rather small.  It's great for close-up and parlour shows,
but any larger and it won't be seen well.

Fortunately, Curt Frye has managed to get a limited supply
of just the right kind of puzzles and has pretty much done
most of the work for you.  All you have to do is put the
assembled sections together, remove the key piece, obtain a
frame (which is easy and cheap to get), mount the finished
puzzle, and drill a small hole through the mounting where
the missing piece should go (this is to make it easier to
remove the piece later).  This is not difficult to do.  In
fact, you may spend more time getting spray adhesive and a
frame than making and putting it together.

One more thing to consider is the size of the puzzle itself.
This is a beautiful puzzle that will fit nicely into 24" x
34" frame.  That's still easy to carry around, but it won't
fit in a catalog case or briefcase.  I know that some people
like to use props that fit in a briefcase.  If so, this
isn't for you.  But the puzzle looks like an ordinary prop,
perhaps something used as a set decoration, and won't be
suspicious at all.  It does pack flat and, depending on the
frame you get, can realistically be carried under one arm.
(That depends on your height, of course.)

Along with the puzzle and the pieces, you get three 8.5" by
11" sheets of instructions.  Two of them are Lee's routine
and the third details instructions for putting the set
together.  Lee created a very nice routine and Curt has now
made it available for a limited time at a very attractive
price.  Once they're gone, they're gone.  Curt isn't kidding
about that.  So if this interests you, get it now.
Definitely recommended.

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