Richard Osterlind's
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The power to read minds - any time, any place - is now in
your hands.

Richard Osterlind's Surrounded Slow-Motion Center Tear
caused quite a stir in the mentalism and magic communities
upon its release and the long out-of-print manucript that
described this revolutionary technique commands high prices
from book dealers and online auction houses.

Now, almost two decades later, Richard Osterlind is
releasing the ultimate version of his creation. The
Perfected Center Tear goes light years beyond the original
version, enabling you to gain secret insights into the
hidden thoughts of others with no apparent subterfuge. The
spectator writes their information on a small piece of paper
and folds it up. The performer then tears the paper into
small bits and places the pieces into the spectator's hand.
There is no apparent way that the performer could possibly
have seen the information nor was any part of the paper
stolen away. Yet, the performer is still able to divine the
information and reveal it in a startling, dramatic and
memorable way. The Perfected Center Tear really is the last
word in "rip and read" center tear techniques.

Also in this exciting new book, Richard Osterlind shares his
thoughts and ideas on some of mentalism's most basic tools.
Nail Writers are discussed in Part Two and billets in Part
Three. Part Four is titled "Weird Ones" and here, Osterlind
reveals for the first time some of the most unique ideas to
come along in magic and mentalism for some time. Here you'll
discover how to perform the classic "Ashes on the Arm" in
walk-around situations, how to apparently control fire, and
even how to cause your spectators to have a complete memory
lapse. You'll also learn possibly the most sensational way
to end a book test ever published.

If that wasn't enough, Osterlind has added, as a bonus
section, his original version of the Center Tear, The
Ultimate Center Tear. This originally appeared in Al Mann's
great book on the Center Tear, The Purloined Thought.
However, this book is also long out of print so we are
pleased to be able to offer this additional technique to the
magic and mentalism communities.

We predict that The Perfected Center Tear and Other Assorted
Routines will be hailed as one of Richard Osterlind's finest
and most enduring works.

Spiral bound, 66 pages,fully illustrated.

For those buying the Mind Mysteries DVDs, Richard does
demonstrate and discuss the Perfected Center Tear on one of
the volumes. However,this book, as explained in the blurb
above, contains much more than just the PCT.

In Part Two, besides the discussion on the use of
nailwriters, there are two routines, "Guess Your Birthday"
and "Dice Foretold." Plus, there is a very nice move
utilizing the nailwriter. Part Three contains a discussion
on the "Natural Billet Switch" and an essay entitled "On
Anneman and Bert Reese." Part Four, besides the routines
discussed above, contains "The Incredible Lighter,"
"Penomenonally" (Richard's work on Penomenon), "Osterlind
Coin Snatch," and "Memory Loss."

Obviously, the centerpiece of this book is the Perfected
Center Tear. Because it's been long out of print and the
material has been updated, I do recommend this for any
mentalist's library. I consider the other stuff in the book
as nice extras. Don't misunderstand. As usual,these
"extras" are well-thought out and will stimulate ideas, at
the very least. But it's the brilliant thinking of the
center tear work that makes this book a most essential work.